Stillbirths are considered a common natural occurrence, happening since the beginning of humankind. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict this tragedy.  Stillbirth can affect anyone. One half of all stillbirths happen in overall healthy pregnancies.  Some sources report as many as 50% of stillbirths are from unexplained or unknown causes, even in cases where extensive testing and an autopsy have been performed. There has just not been a great deal of extensive research on the causes of stillbirth.  

There are three main categories of causes:  

Birth Defects 
·   March of Dimes 
·    including chromosomal aberrations
·    structural malformations multiple births growth restrictions, etc   

Placenta and Cord Problems

·   including placental abruption
·   umbilical accidents

Maternal Conditions

·   including physical trauma
·   diabetes 
·   bacterial infections
·   including STD's
·   high blood pressure
·   toxemia
·   consumption of drugs and alcohol during pregnancy