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Elijah's Memorial service was a milestone for us.  Melvin worked very hard even in the hospital to see that this service came together beautifully to honor Elijah's life but most importantly honor the Lord.  It was our first touch with people outside of our closest friends and family.  We wanted to demonstrate our faith and trust in our Lord even in the most difficult time of our whole life.  We had two pastors speak on that night that are very special to us.  Both of them shared the Word amazingly and it set a tone for us in healing.  We hope that it will encourage you.
Memorial Service
Melvin (Elijah's daddy) is a pastor.  Shortly after Elijah's death, Melvin was reading continually through 1 Peter.  God gave him a word about what we were to do with this hurt.  This audio bit is him sharing with Providence Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, during a series entitled "Life Hurts", what God showed him through the scriptures about "Entrusting our Struggles".

In today's modern world, few parents have to face the bitter task of burying a child that they love. But David and Nancy Guthrie have faced the grave twice now, burying two children who lived only six months.

Interview with Nancy Guthrie