There are many important details that must be cared for after the death of a baby.  It is very important for family and friends to come alongside the hurting family in every way possible from this point forward.  The list that follows is not an exhaustive list, just a beginning point.  Pray that God will give you insight through the Holy Spirit, the true Comforter, to be a part of the journey of healing. 

  • Childcare
  • Meals every other day, maybe even premade meals that are frozen as to avoid so much company
  • Bring paper products/disposable utensils to cut down on dirty dishes
    Surprise "drop-off at the door-step" goodies for the siblings
    Daily email reminders of your prayer support and love
    Emotional support through just sitting and listening to the story
    Hold your tongue, offer no advise,  just listen
    Take back any baby things to the stores and get gift cards in return
    Pack away all baby things into storage tubs
  • Cards, cards, cards!!!  Whether it is e-cards or snail mail, remember, remember, remember. 
  • Every month during the first year on the birthday, send a note letting the family know that you are remembering that they are hurting
  • On special days like Mother's Day and Father's Day and especially birthdays, send a card
  • www.sarahs-laughter is one website where you can find cards specifically designed to remember the hurting family.  At this website, you will fing greeting cards that are specifically designed to offer support 
  • www.birthdayalarm.com is a great way to help you remember the day