Elijah Glenn Swafford


Height 21"

Weight 8lbs

Cause of death unknown


Scarlett Ray Brinkman

4-11-2020 (35 weeks)

Height 20.5"

Weight 5lbs 12oz

Cause of death:  Cord strangulation/Cord knot 


Brayden Matthew
Weight16 grams
Cause of death unknown


Nicholas James Whitaker

November 4, 2010

Height18 inches

Weight6.7 pounds

Cause of death Placental Abruption


Benjamin Suddeth

March 31, 2003

Height 21 1/2 inches

Weight 6lbs 15oz

Umbilical cord accident at 37 weeks


Nathan Hoffman

March 24, 2009

Height 21 inches

Weight 7lbs 5oz


Colin William

September 26, 2006

Height 15 1/2 inches

Weight 2lbs 14oz

Complications from TTTS and pulminary hypertension.  He was a 31 weeker and part of a set of triplets.  He is survived by his 2 triplet brothers.


Sarah Helene Kroeger

January 17, 2008

Height 21 inches

Weight 7lbs 6oz

Diffuse avelorar injury or a lung infection.  She lived 19 hours out of the womb.


Anthony Micah Pedroza



Ember Lee St. John

21 inches

10lbs 2oz

Placental Infarction


Samuel James Thomason

April 6,2016

18 inches

5lbs 9 oz.

Umbilical cord had 2 knots